Organization of municipal beautification duties Qazvin
1 - Provide a comprehensive beautification plan Qazvin
2 - Design and construction of Memorial statues and squares and parks in the set of values and religious rituals, cultural and national as well as aesthetic sense of the approximations for the citizens Mrvbth regulations.
3 - Design and organize public squares and parks and boulevard Mabr access for disabled people through the completion and improvement of urban furniture, improved lighting, provided such comforts Bkhvryha, waste grain, reception tables.
4 - lighting design and implementation of monitoring and organizing it in squares and public places
5 - Provide a comprehensive lighting design and lighting spaces, elements and symbols as well as urban design and implementation of fountain, water views and the lighting and monitor lighting in public places for city beautification spaces.
6 - Ajary design and urban furniture designs and do all the organizing activities in line with organizational goals
7 - Provide instructions and the design and implementation Nzarat painting and staining, sticking advertising on city walls in compliance with regulations.
8 - compiling regulations relating to cleaning and washing the views and glass buildings and facilities and municipal buildings and monitor its implementation
9 - organizing boards and advertising services, including medical, business, etc. in the city
10 - How to create order and harmony in urban and implementing advertising and signs
11 - Preparation and planning regulations and rules relating to member boards represent places, office, commercial, services, residential and general advertising signs, promotional bodies, licensing and obtaining the related complications.
12 - develop regulations naming streets, squares, streets, alleys and dormitory in urban areas and also rename them in line with recommendations of the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council and other related regulations and its implementation after obtaining approval.
13 - No tattoo places and homes and streets and trees located in the city (streets and parks)